Web Hosting

Every business needs a website. There was a time when Small and Medium Enterprises could get away with not having one, but today if you don’t have an online presence; your competitors will probably get ahead of you. It will be detrimental to the business reputation if you don’t take control of your online brand.

Getting started with your online presence

There are three primary places to start having an online presence. Having a social media account, claiming ownership of the business in listing websites, and having your site.

For the first two, you can just log on to their pages and follow instructions to setup up one. But, as for having your website, the first step begins with having a domain name and a domain host.

What is a domain name? And what does it do?

A Domain name is the www.dot.something.dot something that everyone is familiar with. It is an alphanumeric representation of your domain host, for example, writingdoozy.com. Your domain name has to be unique. That is the only true requirement, but it doesn’t make sense for a company selling cakes to be called something like, dogsRus.com. The main advantage of a domain name is that it’s easier for humans to remember names when compared to numbers. A string of numbers identifies domain hosts.

A registry connects your unique domain name to the domain host number string. They have a list of all the domain names and their respective hosts.

What is a domain host and how is it relevant

A domain host is a computer where the files on the website are located. In the network, a domain host is identified by its IP address. An IP address can look like this “123.456.78.90.” So, you now understand that domain names are much easier to understand.

For instance, you can easily remember Google.com; more than its IP address of, for example, That is one of the many addresses that serve Google.

The internet is a web of an interconnected network. The domain host is the method to distinguish your website from all the other sites in cyberspace.

The difference between domain names and domain hosting explained

A domain host is a place where your website is located. The internet finds it using its unique IP address. A domain name registrar lists all the IP address and their respective domain names. The domain name is the URL of the website.