Glossary Domain Name

The terms used to describe and contest domain name disputes are acronyms or names that aren’t known by regular people. However, if you want to own a domain in the future, you have to be aware of these terms since you might encounter them a few times. This glossary was compiled thanks to the name disputes policy that was put in place for Domain Names.

What are these terms and what do they mean?

Abusive registration

The first concept you will come across is the Abusive Registration, the unfair registration of a domain that was used in a way that was unfair to the complainant rights. It’s  a domain
registration that is acquired by dubious means and used unacceptably.


Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act Serves as protection against domain names, especially those that get acquired when somebody else already has the rights to them. A decision, in this case, is the same as a court verdict, it announces the decision in a name dispute that counts with about three panelists for every decision.


ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Arbitration proceedings in domain name disputes are sometimes referred to as ADR proceedings. Indeed, they resolve the disputes outside the court system.


An Arbitration is a system based on a contract and a resolution that determines the ownership of a domain name when a dispute arises.

Bad Faith

Bad Faith is a concept that’s used when people try to block others from acquiring a domain or when a domain is registered with the intention of disrupting a competitors business.  The concept can also be used where the use of the domain name confuses with the complainant’s mark.


Cancellation refers to the revocation of the domain name.

ü  Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Stands for domains that are specific to a country like .us, .uk, etc.

ü  WHO ISWHO IS denotes a directory service where you can see all the registered domains and their ownership details. However, many website owners prefer to keep their personal details hidden for privacy protection purposes.


The complainant is the person who commences a dispute through a domain name registration service.

The above stated are the basic terms you need to know as they get thrown around in domain name disputes. It is important to know them because you never know when you will get in trouble with your domain name.


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