Web Hosting

If you’re planning on having your own website, then you need somewhere for your site to live. That’s the simple part. However, since there are a lot of hosting providers available, picking the best web hosting solution for you needs a little research.

Here’s our quick beginner’s guide to web hosting and the 6 tips for what you should look for when getting a web host:

1. Understanding your own needs

If you’re not sure what your own needs are, then how would you know if you’ve chosen the right solution? Some basic things to consider are:

  • Are you expecting large or small volumes of traffic?
  • If you’re pretty successful and get a ton of visitors to your site, then your hosting needs to be able to support that.
  • Equally, does your website need any special programming language to run (i.e., PHP)? That will also affect your hosting choices.

2. Uptime

Any time your website is down, it will affect your business. So, a hosting solution that offers the highest level of reliability is going to be a good choice. A cheaper solution which offers a patchy service is not going to be good for your business in the long run.

3. Domains

Does your business have more than one domain – For example, writingdoozy.com, utopiavpnguide.com, or even domewriters.com?  Even the cheapest hosting options allow for a number of add-on domains. Just make sure the hosting option you choose caters for all of your domains.

4. Renewing 

To lure you in, lots of hosting companies will have a very cheap sign up options. The trick is to check when getting a web host, how much it will cost for you to renew your package after the designated time. Unless you have the time and energy to move hosting companies on a regular basis (like changing banks, it’s a bit of a faff), then do some research upfront and find out how these hosting packages will cost once the ‘special offer’ has finished.

5. An intuitive user panel

Navigating and understanding your hosting option is a consideration if you’re a beginner and unfamiliar with the world of hosting.

6. E-commerce

Does your business need shop functionality? If the answer is yes to this question, then you will need a dedicated IP address and an SSL certification. Make sure when you get a web host these features are provided or supported.